December 9, 2016

Healthy Holiday Tip #1

Before you head out to that party, be sure you eat a little something.  Have a protein shake or some soup.  Have a little bit of chicken and some veggies.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  By doing this you won't be absolutely starving and grab anything and everything in sight to eat.  You can be more purposeful about what you choose.  The cocktail or glass of wine won't affect you as quickly and you will feel more in control of what you are eating and drinking.

The beginning of our love story!

This is us back in 1988!!
I celebrate every little anniversary. Today is a very special day. It is the 28th anniversary of the day that the guy I was dating asked me to be his girlfriend. 28 years later, he’s still my boyfriend and I’m still his girlfriend although we now have other titles too…we are now husband and wife and mommy and daddy. What an amazing life we have created since December 9, 1988 at 12:56pm right before 6th period class!!

We were just meant to be. I took a chance and wrote him a note in my 5th period class. I had a mutual friend deliver it to him. Then he took a chance and called me, although he said it took him all night to do it. He was so nervous! Once we had that first conversation, we have been together ever since!!

I love this time of year for us. We think back to our first days and linger in the memories and all the special first moments. How he and his best friend talked about how to ask me to be his girlfriend, would I say yes? "Of course she’ll say yes, you’re holding hands all day at school. Why would she say no?"

We think about the first time we spoke, the first time he saw me, the first time he picked me up in his famous 1987 Firebird he won at Disneyland (which we still have by the way), we listened to the Eagles Hotel California on that first car ride, the first time we held hands, our first kiss in the dark at a high school party at a friend’s cabin....which was also the first time he let me drive his car. It reignites that high school passion once again. I love re-living it all, our beginning. It still amazes me that a 16 year old girl with a crush on the 17 year old high school senior made such a love-filled life together.

We have grown up together.  We've made mistakes, some bigger than others, but we've also done amazing, wonderful things and have learned great lessons and made ourselves and our marriage even stronger.  We have built a life so full of love with our two beautiful daughters, our family and our family of friends.  They all fill our life with such fun, happiness and so many memories we have made and are continuing to make.  I look forward with excitement of what the future holds for us. We have many dreams and goals and so much to look forward to.  Whatever comes our way we'll do it together and that's all that matters.

Happy 28th Dating Anniversary my love! I would do it all 
over again and again.

December 6, 2016

Eat. Drink. Stay Fit This Holiday Season!

Don’t just survive the holiday season! Let’s enjoy this festive season while keeping on track with our goals and getting a head start on 2017!  I know I need all the motivation and accountability I can get right now.  So, let’s not do this alone.  We can keep on track during this busy time of year if we do it together.
Don’t worry, you can have your favorite cookies, fudge and cocktails and stay fit too. The secret is to make the most of each day, get a workout in, eat healthy 80% of the time and plan your indulgences.  We’ll learn how to do it all!
We will stay on track: Don’t throw in the towel now and wait to “start over” with your New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st! There’s no extra magic in that day.  Start now and continue your progress through the holiday season and start off 2017 already ahead of your resolutions!

We will learn how to find time for fitness: I will share quick workouts that you can do anywhere to be sure you get your sweat on before the holiday parties, sledding adventures, cocktails with friends and cookie exchanges.  Shopping will not be the only cardio you get in!  If you have a program you are doing or take classes at the gym that’s fabulous!  We’ll keep you on track with them! 

Feel amazing and proud of yourself all season long by taking great care of your mind, body and spirit! You just might be able to rock a hot, new New Year’s Eve outfit as a bonus!

It’s FREE to join. So, what’s there to lose besides excuses? Nothing! Grab your bestie, the one you love, your family and friends and join me!  Just send me an email that you want in and I’ll add you to the group!!


November 29, 2016

Are you a "Bounce Back Person?"

I was listening to Joel Osteen this morning on XM radio during my commute, and he was talking about being a "Bounce Back Person" and he used this beautiful analogy of the palm trees. I loved it and it was so calming to me and helped me change my perspective on several things that I have on my mind and heart right now. I thought if it touched me, it just might help someone else too. I was able to find it online so I thought I'd share a few excerpts from it. 
God designed the palm tree to bend but not break in high winds. The palm tree can bend all the way over until its top touches the ground and still not break. Palms may be bent over for four or five hours during a strong hurricane. You’d think they would snap right off, as thin as they are, but palms are resilient. They bounce right back.

Biologists say that during a hurricane when the palm tree is being bent and pushed over, its root system is actually strengthened by the stress, which gives it new opportunities for growth.

When the storm is over, the palm tree smile and says, “I knew this would be a bad one. I knew I would be battered. But what do you know? I came back up stronger than I was before. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I’ll grow a little taller.”

That’s what God says will happen to each of us, if we just stay in faith. Psalm 92:12 “The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree.”

Isn’t that interesting? God could have said we would flourish like the mighty oak trees big, sturdy, with great branches. Or God might have said we’d flourish like pine trees tall and majestic, able to see for miles!

But God chose palm trees because He knew there would be difficult times in which we would have to bend so we wouldn’t break. He knew things would come against us, trying to steal our joy, our victory. So God said, “You will be like a palm tree, because I’ve put a bounce back in your spirit.”

The storms of life will come. The winds will blow. At times, it might look like you’re finished, like it’s all over for you. You might get a bad report about your health. You might be passed over for a promotion or laid off. Other times, it might appear that your dream has died. But just like that palm tree, when the storm is over, you will not stay down. You will bounce back and keep growing.
We all face disappointments and setbacks. But the key is to develop a bounce-back mentality.

When you get knocked down, don’t stay down. Get up to fight another day. Disappointments hit. Disruptions happen. But pity parties are not the answer.

When you’re a bounce-back person, you know that every adversity, every setback is only temporary. It will not last forever.  No challenge is too difficult for you. No obstacle is too high to overcome. No sickness, no disappointment, no person, no hurricane, no dive in the stock market can keep you from your God-given destiny.

Don’t accept difficult days as the way it will always be. You may be a little bent right now because of hard winds, but that’s not permanent.

Life will hand you disappointments and setbacks. But we are not like an oak tree that can be toppled over. We’re not like a pine tree that can be blown down. You and I are like the palm tree. We may get battered and beat up, but we will return stronger than we were before. ~Joel Osteen

October 18, 2016

My Instagrammed Life

Yikes!! Couldn't find a hair band before my workout so just got to it. Looked like a crazed, sweaty maniac afterwards!!! Had to hurry and find something to pull my hair back to look semi decent so I can take Sophia to cheer and stop at the store. Not sure it worked but I'm going with it. If you see me tonight at the store please pretend you don't see me. LOL!! #ahappyfitlife via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

October 17, 2016

My Instagrammed Life

Happy Monday! Ready to own my own power and get my life back on the right track. It's all up to me so I'm making the choices to have success! Healthy food packed for the day and workout planned for tonight. Getting it done! Tired of listening to my own excuses. ✊💪#ahappyfitlife #mondaymorningmojo via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

October 16, 2016

My Instagrammed Life

Happy Seahawks Sunday. Enjoying a quiet morning, just me and the puppies and my coffee. Love getting the day started so cozy and serene. #ahappyfitlife #lady12 via Instagram: @chrissymartinez